New Vrindavan Living Name Retreat 2020

The Living Name Retreat 2020 is a continuation of previous retreats focusing on our personal relationship with the Holy Name. Whether you are a new practitioner or staunch follower of bhakti-yoga, the Living Name Retreat will help you take further steps in improving your chanting and thereby connecting with the Lord on a deeper level. Your experience will be enhanced in the association of devotees and kirtan lovers who are eager to relish the sweet taste of Krishna’s names, set in the tranquil countryside of New Vrindaban. Valuable insights and support will be offered by the retreat’s facilitator, His Holiness Sacinandana Swami, who is known for his resourceful and practical approach to teaching and guidance, infused with both humor and heart. Last year’s retreat included stirring dramas, melodious kirtans, interactive dialogue and a diverse range of other activities aimed at increasing our understanding and taste for chanting. Stay tuned for details regarding registration.

Save the date! Easter Weekend • April 9th-12th

VIHE International Vaisnavi Retreat 2020

International Vaisnavi Retreat 2020 in Govardhana

We wish to invite all interested ISKCON ladies, youth forum girls, and preachers to come and experience this wonderful opportunity for sadhvi-sanga in the holy land of Vrindavana, under the shelter of Govardhana.


The annual International Vaisnavi Retreat in Govardhana was started in 2011 by the Vrindavan Institute for Higher Education (VIHE) with the aim of facilitating spiritual association among women in bhakti. The retreat offers a wonderful opportunity for women from all over the world, who are eager for sadhvi-sanga.

The schedule is designed to maximize devotional synergy. Each retreat includes Krsna-katha, philosophical presentations and practical workshops by senior vaisnavis, sharing of realization by Prabhupada’s disciples, kirtanas, inspirational reading before japa, mridanga and kartala lessons, dramas and art exhibitions.

18 – 23 March, 2020

HG Yasomati Devi Dasi, HG Vraja Lila Devi Dasi

The theme of this year’s retreat is “avasya raksibe krsna” –The Art of Accepting and Giving Protection.

This year’s lectures and presentations will explore the following principles and practices:

Raksa – Protection by the Lord, the Ultimate Protection
A presentation on posanam, the 4th of the ten topics of Srimad Bhagavatam
With reference to the prayers of Laksmi Devi in Jambudvipa

On receiving protection
5 classes require protection
Protection of women and its purpose

On giving protection
What and whom to protect
Putting one’s own security belt first

Prayers for protection
Psychology & practice of self-defense


Fill the form to register for the International Vaisnavi Retreat 2020: you have any questions, please write to Madhurya Gaurangi Devi Dasi/ Balaji Priya Devi Dasi at You may also reach them on +91 7037488966 / +91 9821205738.

We look forward to your association in the 2020 International Vaisnavi Retreat. Please spread the word among your friends.

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Radhadesh Mellows 2020

The 11th annual kirtan festival, Western Europe’s meeting point for those seeking a profound chanting experience.

VIHE Bhakti-sadacara Course 2020

When we come to Krishna Consciousness, everything is new and exciting even though we do not understand many things yet. Gradually, we start having many questions about different aspects of Bhakti Yoga. The Bhakti-sadacara course is especially designed to give systematic knowledge to new devotees and to train devotees who did not have a chance to get such systematic training before.

The course covers different aspects of the path of devotion and provides not only knowledge but aims to cultivate Vaisnava qualities and instil devotional values. Whether you came to Krishna Consciousness just recently or have been practising for some time already, this course will be of great benefit for you due to its practical and informative nature. Besides that, it will help you get ready for the Bhakti-sastri and other courses.

DATES: Jan 17 – Apr 8, 2020 (2.5 months)

REQUIREMENTS: There are no initial requirements for attending the course; however, it is advised that one chant a minimum of 4 rounds of Hare Krishna mantra daily. Devotees from all over the world are welcome!

• Srila Prabhupada Lilamrita (H.G. Nagapatni Devi Dasi)
• The essence of Bhagavad-gita (H.G. Madhusudana Visnu Dasa)
• Overview of Nava-vidha Bhakti – nine types of devotional service (H.G. Aruna Carana Dasa)
• Vaisnava etiquette (H.G. Nagapatni Devi Dasi)
• The lives of Vaisnava acaryas & observation of tithis (celebrations)
• Our daily prayers – their meaning & purpose (H.G. Lavanga Lata Devi Dasi)
• The science of the soul (H.G. Nava Kisora Govinda Dasa)
• Science of Self-Realization (H.G. Syama Kunda Dasa)
• Tadiya Sevas – different categories of devotional service (H.G. Mukunda Datta Dasa)
• Brahminical qualities & lifestyle (H.G. Madhurya Gaurangi Devi Dasi)
• Karatalas (H.G. Madhurya Gaurangi Devi Dasi)
• Mrdanga (teacher to be announced)
• Ayurvedic self-healing (H.G. Vrajendra Nandana Dasa)
• Vaisnava Diet (H.G. Vrajendra Nandana Dasa)
• Regulative principles of freedom (H.G. Lavanga Lata Devi Dasi)

Fill the form to apply for the VIHE Bhakti-sadacara Course

The contribution towards the course is Rs. 8,500. Please note that contributions cover the study materials and administrative expenses connected with conducting the course. Accommodation and travels are not included. Lunch prasada is served at the VIHE by the mercy of well-wishers whenever classes are held. Classes are free of cost.

VIHE c/o ISKCON Goshala,
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