Mayapur Institute Bhakti Sastri – English (Summer Course) 2018

When you come to Mayapur Institute, you will get to live in the holy dham which is imbued with the kripa shakti of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and you attend the morning program, read scriptures, participate in cheerful festivals and take the most purifying Ganga bath, associate with senior Vaishnavas from worldwide. More importantly, you will be reading the scriptures extensively as part of your assignments to take in as much scriptural knowledge as possible. You will be then greatly inspired to read, think and make presentations.

At Mayapur Institute, learning is fun. We employ experiential learning method which involves group discussions, role plays, debates, dramas, parikramas to different holy places and various other exercises by which the subject matter is churned thoroughly and you develop solid understanding of scriptures. Upon successfully completing the sastric course, you will walk away as different person with a different vision of the world based on the sacred texts.