California Vaishnavi Retreat 2019

This interactive retreat will offer the opportunity to celebrate and connect with other women of bhakti and spiritual seekers alike in a refreshing, supportive environment. Through illuminating classes and seminars, meditative japa, kirtans and spirited festivities, this retreat’s purpose is to inspire you to progress in your spiritual journey back to Godhead. Both body and soul will be nourished with pure Krishna prasadam, sanctified vegetarian meals prepared and offered with love.

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ISKCON Baltimore Sri Krishna Janmastami 2019

“One who knows the transcendental nature of My appearance and activities does not, upon leaving the body, takes his birth again in this material world, but attains My eternal abode. O Arjuna”
– Bhagavad-gita 4.9

The Supreme Lord Sri Krishna appeared on the earth 5200 years ago. His appearance in this world is remembered & celebrated as Janmashtami festival.

At ISKCON Baltimore we celebrate this festival with devotion & great pomp. The temple has scheduled devotional activities throughout the day, like all day kirtan & arati | abhishek | discourse | dance | drama | kids activities | dahi handi | free feast etc.

Lord Krishna’s bathing ceremony – called Abhishek – is witnessed by all attendees while Kalash sponsors get the opportunity to personally bathe the Lord personally.

Spiritual blessings await you & your family by sponsoring the Kalash & participating in the bathing ceremony of Lord.

– Recreation of Krishna’s Village – Vrindavan. Enter the mystical village of Vrindavan where Krishna appeared 5,000 years ago.
– Re-enactments of Vrindavan life with real characters (Ask them questions, talk to them) – Yashoda, Narada, Laxmi, Brahma, Gopis, Gopas
– Meet Krishna personally and talk to Him.
– Krishna StoryTellings (Hear Krishna’s wondrous and loving pastimes in Vrindavan)
– Demon’s Den – Be ready to face Kamsa, Bakasura and other demons and see how Krishna defeats them
– Meet Vyasadeva and Ganesh writing Vedic scriptures
– Henna/Face Painting
– Cow Dung Magic
– Dance/Drama
– Krishna Quiz
– Birthday card making for Krishna
– Radha Krishna Village Altar
– Kirtan
– Write your wish and hang it on a Desire Tree (Kalpa Vriksha)

Ample parking is available. Shuttle to/from temple available. Please visit for detailed information.