VIHE Holy Name Retreat 2018

On behalf of the teachers, His Holiness Sacinandana Swami and His Grace Bhurijana Prabhu, we heartily invite you to take part in this wonderful week of hearing and chanting of the Holy Names from Nov 27 to Dec 2. Our residence will be at the foot of Govardhan Hill. From there we may travel short distances for outdoor chanting of japa and kirtans. We will gather to chant 64 rounds at Ter Kadamba and have inspirational readings. Classes enhancing our understanding of and practice of the chanting of the Holy Names will be held during some of the time. But since the main purpose of the retreat is to work on our chanting, lots of the time will be spent doing japa. We invite all serious practitioners to come and experience chanting in the Holy Dhama in the association of devotees seeking to improve their relationship with the Holy Name. The Retreat includes daily evening kirtans as well as an entire day dedicated to kirtan. The Holy Name Retreat is open to devotees aged 14 and up, as we strive to maintain a serene and meditative atmosphere.

To get further insights of the Holy Name Retreat, please visit the retreat photo/gallery. The recording of previous years’ retreats are available from the VIHE Audio Ministry.

Registrations will open on 5th Aug. Please write us on

ISKCON Mayapur Kirtan Academy Course 2018-2019

Kirtan Academy offers unique training in both deepening one’s relationship with a Holy Name in form of Japa and Kirtan through highly informative and transformative daily Nama Tattwa sessions, paired with daily kirtans and weekly 64 round days, as well as unparalleled practical training in mastering mridanga, karatals, harmoniums and vocals from the best teachers, to be most suitably skilled to offer one’s heart’s devotion via the medium of beautiful kirtan.

Kirtan Academy 2018-19 is running from 24th of November to 18th of February. Please note that tuition fee of 12500 rupees is charged for the course. That includes theoretical (nama tattwa) classes and well as one of the items of music tuition of your choice (harmonium, mridanga or vocals). Karatal classes are complimentary for any of ours students, who needs to take them. To view the course schedule and to register, please visit the website:

ISKCON Vraja Mandala Parikrama 2018

Date Place to visit Vaishnava tithi
24 Oct 2018 Vrindavan Parikrama             Istagosti
25 Oct 2018 Vrindavan to Mathura
26 Oct 2018 Mathura Mathura Parikrama
27 Oct 2018 Mathura to Madhuvan
28 Oct 2018 Madhuvan to Shantanukund
29 Oct 2018 Shantanukund to Radhakund
30 Oct 2018 Radhakund Govardhan Parikrama
31 Oct 2018 Radhakund Radhakund Snan, Bahulastami
01 Nov 2018 Radhakund to Deeg
02 Nov 2018 Deeg to Badrinath
03 Nov 2018 Badrinath Darshan,  Rama Ekadashi
04 Nov 2018 Badrinath to Kamavan
05 Nov 2018 Kamavan
06 Nov 2018 Kamavan
07 Nov 2018 Kamavan to Barsana Dipavali
08 Nov 2018 Barsana Govardhan Puja
09 Nov 2018 Barsana
10 Nov 2018 Barsana to Nandgaon
11 Nov 2018 Nandgaon Srila Prabhupada Disappearance Day
12 Nov 2018 Nandgaon to Kotvan
13 Nov 2018 Kotvan to Sheshsayai
14 Nov 2018 Sheshsayai to Shergarh
15 Nov 2018 Shergarh to Chirghat
16 Nov 2018 Chirghat to Bhandiravan Gopastami
17 Nov 2018 Bhandirvan to Mansarovar
18 Nov 2018 Mansarovar to Lohavan(Sihora)
19 Nov 2018 Lohavan to Dauji  Utthana Ekadasi
20 Nov 2018 Dauji to Brahmandaghat
21 Nov 2018 Brahmandaghat
22 Nov 2018 Brahmandaghat to Raval
23 Nov 2018 Raval to Mathura End (Vrindavan by vehicles)

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Phone : +91 94151 13744 , +91 80871 15554