VIHE Holy Name Retreat 2018

On behalf of the teachers, His Holiness Sacinandana Swami and His Grace Bhurijana Prabhu, we heartily invite you to take part in this wonderful week of hearing and chanting of the Holy Names from Nov 27 to Dec 2. Our residence will be at the foot of Govardhan Hill. From there we may travel short distances for outdoor chanting of japa and kirtans. We will gather to chant 64 rounds at Ter Kadamba and have inspirational readings. Classes enhancing our understanding of and practice of the chanting of the Holy Names will be held during some of the time. But since the main purpose of the retreat is to work on our chanting, lots of the time will be spent doing japa. We invite all serious practitioners to come and experience chanting in the Holy Dhama in the association of devotees seeking to improve their relationship with the Holy Name. The Retreat includes daily evening kirtans as well as an entire day dedicated to kirtan. The Holy Name Retreat is open to devotees aged 14 and up, as we strive to maintain a serene and meditative atmosphere.

To get further insights of the Holy Name Retreat, please visit the retreat photo/gallery. The recording of previous years’ retreats are available from the VIHE Audio Ministry.

Registrations will open on 5th Aug. Please write us on

ISKCON Vrindavan Balarama Purnima 2018

Balaram, the elder brother of Vrajendranandan Shri Krishna, is the very first expansion of Krishna and is the embodiment of the Sat or Sandhini shakti, which is the potency of existence of the Lord. He, in the form of Sankarshan, creates all the Tatastha jivas present in this material world. Lord Balaram serves Lord Krishna in all the rasas by expanding himself in the form of his paraphernalia to serve him in Shanta ras; in the form of Lakshman, the younger brother of Lord Ram, he served Lord Ram in Dasya ras, always serving him in all ways possible; in the form of Balaram and Nityananda prabhhu he serves the lord in Sakhya ras and also in Vatsalya ras as he is the elder brother and also has parental affection towards Krishna with a feeling to protect him and take care of him. Lord Balaram also serves the lord in Madhurya ras, in the form of Ananga manjari, the younger sister of Shrimati Radharani. In Radha kund there is a kunj in the centre of the kund named Svananda sukhada kunj, which belongs to Ananga manjari, where she serves Radha Shyamsundar and makes many arrangements for them to relish transcendental pleasure in performing conjugal pastimes.

Lord Balaram carries a plough, the reason for which is to cultivate the hearts of the devotees so that it becomes fertile and suitable for the seed of Bhakti to grow nicely. Being the Adi guru tattve, he guides the devotees on their spiritual path so that they can go back home back to godhead.

On the Purnima in the month of Shravan the auspicious appearance day of Lord Balaram is celebrated by all the devotees in Krishna Balaram Mandir, Vrindavan. After a beautiful Mangal arati darshan with a new dress, all the devotees attend the morning program followed by Darshan arati, in which Lord Balaram, dressed in a gorgeous new outfit, bedecked with jewels and covered in the forest flowers of Vrindavan, appears as cupid himself, piercing the hearts of all the assembled devotees with the arrows of his unmatched handsomeness. His white form dazzling like millions of moons, his sweet red lips playing a mischievous smile, his eyes mercifully glancing over all the assembled vaishnavas, and his curling locks entangling in them the hearts of all the onlookers, Lord Balaram submerges one and all in the ocean of his beauty. His glories are then discussed amongst the gathered devotees’. After glorifying His wondrous pastimes and qualities, the auspicious Abhishek ceremony of Krishna Balaram is performed, whilst the holy names of the Lord are chanted with full enthusiasm. After bathing His beautiful form with milk, yoghurt, honey, ghee, sugar water, and clear water, the devotees offer a sumptuous offering to the elder brother of Shyamsundar, to please Him and gain His favor. After the Bhoga offering and Rajbhog arati, all the devotees honor ekadashi Prasad after having fasted till then.

This day is also celebrated as Raksha bandhan, when sisters tie an auspicious rakhi to their brothers for protection. Many devotees, keeping the lord in the centre, offer rakhi to Lord Balaram or Shyamsundar, and pray for their protection from the material energy, so that they can one-pointedly be fixed in the service of the lord and attain the ultimate goal of life, which is the eternal service of the lord in the spiritual world.
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Radhadesh Kulimela 2018

Hare Krishna!

We are excited to invite you to Kulimela Radhadesh 2018, we hope you can join us in celebrating our community.

This is the 10 year anniversary of the first European Kulimela back in 2008.

If you’ve never been to a mela before you can expect, ecstatic kirtan, transcendental prasadam, inspirational seminars, enlivening entertainment and energising activities.

We also urge you to stay and take part in the Radhadesh Summer Festival for an extra two days of fun and association.

Date: 24th – 29th July 2018

To make sure you’re registered for the event:
1) Complete the form found here:
2) Make your payment (link at end of the form)

Please note that accommodation must be arranged separately, more information can be found on our website at : which includes information on transportation options.

The festival fee includes: prashadam for 5 days, seminars, workshops entertainment and sports.

Prices for the festival are:

*Super Early Bird (limited time)
Adults – €65
Teens – €50
Over 60s – €50

*Early Bird
Adults – €85
Teens – €60
Over 60s – €60

*Full price
Adults – €95
Teens – €65
Over 60s – €65

Children under 12 go free!

So make sure you take advantage of the early bird promos while they last!

Please invite all your friends, everyone is welcome.

All glories to Srila Prabhupada,
Love the Kulimela Team

PS. If you want to get in touch with us about anything, please email us at and we will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.

ISKCON Birmingham Rathayatra 2018

Birmingham Rathayatra – Festival Of Chariots 2018

Rathayatra – The Festival of Chariots, an international festival celebrated in 400+ cities around the world including New York, San Francisco, London, Durban, Paris & Tokyo returns to Birmingham this summer for the 18th consecutive year!

Join the festival of PEACE, LOVE and UNITY in DIVERSITY:
Date: Sunday 22nd July 2018
Time: 11am to 6pm
Location: Victoria Square, Birmingham

Chariot Procession | Free Vegetarian Feast | Mantra Meditation | Market Stalls | Traditional Music & Dance | Face Painting | Henna Tattoos.

Entry is free. For further information or to make a donation please contact:
Anky: 07751896283
Ravi: 07946520517


Twitter and Instagram: @iskconbhamuk

ISKCON Almviks Scandinavian Bhakti Sangam 2018

We would like to invite you to Scandinavian Bhakti Sangam 2018!
The festival will be held from Monday, 16th to Sunday, 22nd of July.
Maha-abishek on Saturday 21st of July.
Maha-Harinaam on Sunday 22nd of July in Stockholm.
more information will come later……