New Vrindaban 4th Annual Festival of India at Heritage Port 2019

Experience the Festival of India for the fourth year at Heritage Port!

This festival, also known as Ratha Yatra or Festival of the Chariots has been observed annually in the city of Jagannath Puri in Orissa, India for over 3,000 years, making it the world’s longest-running street festival. The giant chariot carries Lord Jagannath – in sanskrit, jagat means the universe, and nath means Lord.

Since the late 1960s, this festival has been celebrated in many global city centers including New York’s Fifth Avenue and London’s Piccadilly Circus, and promises to bring a vibrant celebration of South Asian spiritual heritage and culture to Heritage Port.

The event starts in the park at 2pm a variety of educational exhibits featuring India and its wide range of rich culture. Face painting, mehndi (henna tattoo), yoga in the park, ayurveda health and cooking demos every hour!

Ask a monk, write your name in sanskrit, try a sari or turban
and other activities will be happening simultaneously through out the day. Treat yourself to the mouth-watering authentic Indian cuisine offered at the food booths.

The parade procession starts at 5pm, participants will pull the large, colorful chariot along the streets of historical Wheeling, accompanied by the singing of ancient sanskrit mantras and the sounds of traditional musical instruments.

Register online for free via the Facebook event link!

Bhaktivedanta Manor Family Open Day 2019

The Family Fun Day will give you and your family an incredible experience of activities and fun in the Hare Krishna tradition. You will have the opportunity to explore the amazing Bhaktivedanta Manor in a comfortable and friendly environment with lot of activities to take part in. The manor was gifted by George Harrison of the Beatles in 1973 and is home to the George Harrison Garden, Woodland Walk, the biggest cow protection and working oxen centre in the UK, organic farm, a magnificent Krishna Temple, Meditation rooms, and much more!

You will have an opportunity to:
* Get a tour of the Mock-Tudor mansion gifted by the Beatles FREE
* Feed the Oxen, Cows and the Calves
* Go on an Ox-cart ride FREE
* Try some face-painting
* Decorate your hands with some Henna designs
* Discover your future with ancient Indian palm-reading
* Have some fun on the bouncy castle (kids only)
* Try some amazing cuisines, snacks and sweets
* Discover a traditional eastern culture with the Temple and Meditation rooms FREE
* Learn about the history of the Hare Krishna movement FREE
* Meet the monks and ask questions FREE
* Join in with some yoga and meditation taster sessions FREE
* Relish a sumptuous veggie lunch FREE
There are many more things to do and we can’t list them all here!

ISKCON Boston Ratha Yatra 2019

Please join us for a wonderful cultural festival of Sri Jagannatha Ratha Yatra (Festival of Chariots) on Sunday, June 30, starting at 11:30 am at Boylston Street and Cambria St, 100ft away from Massachusetts Ave. For GPS: 1 Cambria Street Boston, MA

Subway Stations closest to the start point:
Green Line – Hynes Convention Center (1-2 minutes walking)
Green Line – Prudential or Symphony (4-5 minutes)
Orange Line – Massachusetts Ave (10 minutes)
Orange line – Back Bay (12-15 minutes)

An enlivening procession with ecstatic music, chanting and dancing. A beautiful scene of devotees walking and dancing their way to the Boston Common for a site celebration.

The Boston Common Site will have stage performances, chanting, drama, food, exhibits, spiritual literature, meditation tent and more!!!

Every year in the summer, one of the world’s largest and oldest festivals happens in India – the Ratha Yatra. A Sanskrit phrase, “Ratha Yatra” literally translates into English as “chariot procession.” As such, three richly decorated chariots, resembling temple structures, are pulled through the streets of the small coastal town of Puri in Eastern India.

Boston chapter of the International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) located on 72 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA had been celebrating this festival for three decades now. On June 30th a large chariot carrying the deities will make its way down Boylston Street, starting from Massachusetts Avenue and culminating at the Boston Common Park, where a cultural festival near Park Street T station will follow.

The mood created will be no different from that in Puri, India. The procession will be accompanied by an assortment of thunderous instruments, chanting, and dancing by Krishna devotees from all over New England.

11:30-2:00 pm Ratha Yatra Parade from 1 Cambria St (intersection of Boylston St and Mass Ave.) to Boston Common Park
02:00-2:15 pm Jagannatha arrival kirtan
02:15-2:45 pm Beginning kirtan
02:45-2:55 pm Band performance
02:55-3:25 pm Significance of Ratha Yatra
03:25-4:10 pm Kids performance
04:10-4:20 pm Acknowledgements
04:20-4:45 pm Odissi dance
04:45-5:50 pm Kirtan
05:50-6:00 pm Closing words

Delicious food will be served from 2 pm onwards.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Feast – $1008.00
Flower Decorations – $501.00
Cart Decorations – $501.00

(partial or any small donation is acceptable)

Parking Information: ISKCON offers discounted parking rates at the following parking garages

Boston Common Garage: $10
Please pick up validation tickets at Guest Reception Tent.

Kids Activities
Family-Friendly Attractions for Children

Tadpole Playground with splash water (adjacent to the festival tent)
Frog pond (adjacent to the festival tent)
Ride on a Carousel (adjacent to the festival tent)
Play Frisbee on the Common (adjacent to the festival tent)
Visit the Ducklings in the Public Garden (5 mins walk from the festival tent)
Ride on Boston’s Swan Boats (5 mins walk from the festival tent)

For any queries/information: Vanamali Pandit Dasa: 857-445-1112 or

ISKCON Ottawa Kirtan Yoga with the Walking Monk 2019

This time we’re expecting a special guest, Bhaktimarga Swami (aka Walking Monk) THE WALKING MONK – Bhaktimarga Swami

• About the event
We invite you to join us for the unforgettable evening of sublime Kirtan Yoga.

Whether you feel stressed, tired of the same old routine, want to improve relationships, feel unheard and lonely, or just curious about new things, want to make new friends, experience a peaceful environment and want to expand your definition of yoga, you can expect an incredible evening of live spiritual music (kirtan).

Kirtan-yoga is musical Mantra Meditation, and is a form of devotional chanting, form of bhakti-yoga (yoga of devotion or love), and has the power to transform the heart.

• What to bring

• Important to know
Everyone can participate for free. Donations are welcome.
Please feel free to bring your family and friends, it is open for everyone!
A vegetarian meal will be served after the session.

Radhadesh Holy Name Retreat with Sacinandana Swami 2019

Holy Name Retreat is a truly transformational experience because the retreat offers much more than just some skills to help you to improve your chanting. It aims at improving your relationship with Radha and Krishna in Their most merciful forms of the Holy Name.

What can you expect from the Holy Name Retreat:

  • Strengthening your inner connection to the Divine Couple.
  • New insights and techniques in relation to chanting the Holy Name.
  • A stronger commitment to offenseless chanting of the Holy Name.
  • Breakthrough experiences in chanting the Holy Name.
  • The opportunity to earn how to expand the boundaries of your spiritual life so that you can have deeper and more rewarding spiritual realisations.
  • In short, you can really increase your Krishna Consciousness.

Mayapur Institute Summer Camp for Youth (Men) 2019

If you are a congregational devotee aged between 18 and 25 years or are a keen parent of one, this summer camp and youth program may be just what you are looking for right now.

In today’s world, the biggest problem is that most of our congregational youth are bewildered and more of them are tending to drift away, being attracted by the lifestyles of their peers, or are being drawn away by other influences. Partly they feel a little isolated, and partly, it is just the process of growing up.

This year Mayapur Institute is offering a summer camp with limited places to pilot a new programme that will teach Vaishnava culture and heritage, explore our basic and fundamental Gaudiya Vaisnava philosophy, delve into devotional life in practice and allow students to learn about and understand why we have some of the practices that we do, explore some of the local places of historical and spiritual importance to the Gaudiya Vaisnava tradition around Mayapur, and most importantly have a fun and enlivening learning experience in the setting of the Holy Dham.

We will explore and deal with topics such as:
• Developing faith and destroying doubts
• The existence of God
• Intelligent Design
• Can a scientist believe in God?
• Seeing Krsna in everything
• The creation
• Why do bad things happen to good people?
• The modes of nature
• What is bhakti?
• How to develop great devotional service
• The four regulative principles
• Japa workshops and the glories of the Holy name
• Kirtan workshops and playing instruments
• Deity worship
• Tusli worship and why do we worship Tulsi Devi?
• Ekadashi and Festival days – what they mean and why we observe them
• How to preach and how to deal with questions from non-devotees to support our faith without offending them
• Vaisnava Saints and the 6 Goswamis

Setting Life Goal & Career Orientation | Deity Worship | Bhakti Vriksha Youth Leader Training | ISKCON Disciples Course | Vaishnava Etiquette Course | K.C. Ashrama Life | Cow Protection Basic Course | Sastric Study & Vaishnava Acharyas | Communication skills | History & Structure of ISKCON | Music- Vocal & Instruments

To register, please visit:

This year, we will conduct this camp only for English speaking male youth from any country. We do plan to extend this programme over the coming year.

Course fee covers accommodation, sumptuous prasadam 3 times a day, course material, expert teaching with both theory and practical sessions, parikrama to some important local holy places, vocal and instrumental music classes, and the opportunity to have a fun-filled, devotional experience in the Dham with other young people in the beautiful setting of the new Mayapur Institute Campus.